My Cyber Students


Hello to all my silent readers. How are you? I hope you'll fine with someone you love. Actually, today i do not have mood to write anything in this blog.

But, suddenly I got the idea to write something about what I do in this virtual world. Actually, I have been giving instruction about the blog and how to manage it in my blog. I have some students who learn it from me. I love teaching them because they are dedicated, and they now have their own blog.

This is a list of their blog, click and give them support okay :

  1. WanTech ( Syazwan )-
  2. Kamu ( Kamarul )      -
  3. Cham ( Hisham )        -     
  4. Aidil                           -
  5. S.A. ( Suhaimi )          - 
  6. Coming Soon. They have not yet graduated from my class


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